Lucas could only watch in confusion as the strange woman not only saved him, but also defeated those two men single-handedly. Of course when the Vileplume started to spew out its spores, he quickly held his breath and covered his mouth for good measure.

So he sat there, a bit stunned and still confused over the matter at hand and the hasty events that had occurred  As the lady started to walk away, Lucas scrambled up to his feet and chased after her, “E-excuse me! Ma’am? I just wanted to thank you for helping me—”

Wait, didn’t she say something about them waking up? He shut his mouth quickly and turned to look back at the knocked out thugs. Definitely didn’t want to wake them up any time soon.

Reaching out, he tugged at her sleeve lightly, “Ma’am…I was wondering if you could help me navigate around this city? You seem so sure with your bearing. I-I can pay you! I would just like to find my way to a Pokemon Center please!”

Hopefully he didn’t come off as over bearing. Maybe tugging on her sleeve was too much? He was seventeen after all…

Why did she even do that? Ariana asked herself when she turned away from Lucas.  It wasn’t exactly like her to randomly help some kid she didn’t even know. Perhaps she had too much to drink, but that Milos Island iced tea was just too good to leave unfinished. 

Usually she would be annoyed at some child tugging at the sleeve of her fur coat, but instead her motherly side found it kind of cute. Yes, it had to be the drink talking. 

Ariana paused when Lucas grabbed her sleeve and turned to look at him. Those red eyes of hers could easily be intimidating when she wanted them to be but that wasn’t the case this time, they were more tired than anything else. 

"The Pokemon Center?" She looked around to get her bearings. "Oh, it was back that way." She pointed in the direction they had come from. "…We’ll have to take a different street." It wouldn’t be too bad of an idea to go along with him. She could pick up her Flygon from the PC for a shorter trip back to her place.

"What’s a kid like you doing wondering around the city at this hour?" She asked as she lead the way.

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Dark alleys are not the best habitats to find an assistant in, unless of course that assistant was from Sinnoh.

And if he was terribly, terribly lost in the city of Castelia.

Somehow Lucas has made his way past the thugs snickering under the single light post. Their leather jackets are littered with studs and depictions of some crocodilian Pokemon. That’s what the blue-eyed boy is here for anyway, further research of Pokemon in the region. But the shifty glances they give and the occasional low chuckle is a bit…disconcerting.

Shoving his hat lower on his head, Lucas carefully walks around the men, giving them wide berth before breaking into a brisk pace (one could almost call it running).

 “Thank goodness I—” the words barely escape his mouth when he trips over a nearby trashcan, the lid rolling on the cluttered pavement, almost sounding like a Magnezone crashing into a mountain of aluminum cans.

The thugs look up, their bald heads shining under the light of the bulb. Somehow when they are brought back into reality, the men are able to hold a glare.

“I-I’m s-sorry…I’m…I’m just going to…” Lucas points to a door conveniently a couple feet away, lets out a noise somewhat close to a mewl, and attempts to duck inside.

Someone pulls on his collar and the boy stiffens in fear.

"This isn’t a place for clumsy boys." Hissed a voice as Lucas was brought up onto his feet.

"Nor is this a place for defenseless women." Called out one of the thugs as they began to advance towards the two.

The woman chuckled at that. “Defenseless? Far from it.” There were two beams of light and by her side appeared a Vileplume and a Honchkrow. “Take care of them.” She ordered to the pokemon.

The Vileplume shook its petals, causing spores to puff out. While the Honchkrow flapped its wings to blow the powder at the thugs who tried in vain to keep themselves from inhaling the sleep powder. Within seconds, the men were out cold and snoring.

Ariana looked back at Lucas. “You should get going before they wake up.” She said, then began walking further down the alley. Compared to Lucas, it seemed this woman knew where she was going.

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Adventuring? What could she have gotten?

Silver looked up at his Aunt by his side, before turning back to the table and pulling the box closer to him. He’d never really received a gift before. Even on past birthdays when he was still with his father, Giovanni treated birthday gifts as more of a formality. The man would simply grumble, “Happy Birthday,” shove some cash into the boy’s hands, and walk away. The money was certainly appreciated, but the sentiment never was. And of course, he’d never received a Christmas gift, since his birthday was Christmas Eve itself. Just the thought that someone actually cared enough to give him a real gift was enough to bring tears to Silver’s eyes.

Oh Arceus, you’re such a baby! It’s just a gift. Pull yourself together, Silv!

So he finally pulled the top off of the box and gasped. He pulled out the backpack, boots, and the scarf and gloves. From what he could tell, everything seemed high quality (he would know quality; he’s stolen from a variety of fancy department stores). Immediately, his mind began racing.

I can’t believe she remembered my birthday, or that she even got me a gift! Oh no, how much did this cost? I can’t wait to show everyone. (Those burgers smell good.) Damn, these gloves look comfy and- 

Then he turned to his side and hugged Ariana. 

“Thank you so much, Auntie.”

Ariana watched the range of emotions on Silver’s face. She understood how much getting an actual gift meant to him, and she was glad it was well received.

She hugged him back, “You’re welcome, Silver.” After she let him go she moved back over to the dinner table. “Now, let’s eat. Have you ever had a Cinnabar Volcano Burger? They’re a little spicy, but they were one of my favorite things to eat when I was growing up in Kanto.”

Kanto. That word triggered something in Ariana’s mind, a mental note that she had news to tell Silver… But that was going to have to wait, she didn’t want to ruin the boy’s birthday by telling him that his father was here in Unova. Giovanni knew that Silver was here, and that made Ariana wonder if he was going to come looking for the boy. 

However, for the moment, they would just enjoy themselves.

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After Ariana announced that she was leaving, Silver had spent almost the whole day playing with his Pokemon. 

Taking care of Ari was quite a task for the boy. She wasn’t particularly whiny, but she seemed to be always hungry. At one point in the day, Gengar had left and returned to Silver’s room with a mysterious horde of assorted foods. The group had concluded that he had stolen everything, but the ghost himself wouldn’t divulge any details. Nonetheless, the treats were appreciated and they would hold the puppy off for the day. 

Unfortunately, she also liked to bite Silver’s ponytail and tug with all her might. This caused quite a few mishaps throughout the day, like when he had tried taking a nap. The puppy jumped onto his bed, bit, and pulled. The boy slept, slept, and screamed.

She was small and clumsy, so every step she took was a cautious one. Every time her paws hit the floor, Silver and all of his Pokemon would watch intently, being sure not to let their baby girl fall. 

She was spoiled, but thank Arceus she was no brat.

He was still playing with Ari when Silver heard the Houndour’s namesake call him from downstairs. He had no idea she had even come home! He opened the door, but turned around to look at his family of Pokemon for a moment.

“Don’t trash the place.” Feraligatr grunted in agreement, and began to play with the puppy.

And with that, he ran downstairs to see his aunt working hard in the kitchen.

“I’ve been somewhat preoccupied with the puppy. She’s a lot of work… Ari doesn’t whine much, but she’s always hungry. It’s a lot of help having all the guys around though,” he said, thinking back on Gengar’s previous actions and all of the help his Pokemon had been providing. “So, uh… what’s up?”


Ariana was standing by the set dinner table when her nephew came down to join her.

"That’s how babies are. They’re such a handful, but that’s good to know your other pokemon are helping you." 

When he asked what was up, she moved a rather large box into view. It was white, with a red bow stuck to the center of the lid. 

"I know I’m late but… Happy Birthday!" She quickly moved over to his side and nudged him towards the box. "I wasn’t quite sure what to get you, but I hope you like it. Go on, open it."

Ariana always preferred to give practical gifts, things that served a purpose besides sitting there to collect dust. This gift, or rather gifts, were no different. Inside the box was a sturdy trainer’s backpack, a pair of high quality hiking boots, and a set of warm winter gloves and scarf. These were all things any adventuring trainer needed.

"I know you probably won’t use them right away now that you have the puppy to take care of, but this is for when you go out adventuring again."

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